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What's the Word?

My latest column went out today in the BGCM E-Message, the free monthly email newsletter of the Baptist General Convention of Missouri. The piece is entitled 'What's the Word?" In it I argue that the words we use offer insights into our priorities. Thus, I examine the words of the BGCM staffers to demonstrate that the BGCM First Priority is serving churches! Here are a couple of excerpts:
As Confucius explained, "Words are the voice of the heart." What we often talk about is that which is important to us, and that we ignore is that which we likely do not think much about.

... On the old television show Pee-wee's Playhouse, there was a regular bit called the "Secret Word." The characters would be told a word and then whenever someone said that word, everyone would scream. If someone decided to scream every time BGCM First Priority Team Leaders said "church" or "churches," there would be a lot of screaming going on!

... While the secret word was usually accidentally mentioned on the TV show, when the words "church" and "churches" are used by the BGCM it is not accidental or secret. The BGCM's First Priority is serving churches! It is who we are and what we talk about.
So remember, the words you use are important!

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