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American Jonah

There are times when I shake my head and wonder what is wrong with Christians. Why must we be so stubborn and self-righteous? Why do we not care about the least of these? Why is it that the world often does a better job at caring for God's people than we do?

Consider a press release put out yesterday by Life Decisions International. It was entitled "Pro-Family Americans Reminded to Not Participate in 'Idol Gives Back.'" The argument was that Christians should not support the special this week on American Idol to raise awareness and money to fight poverty, disease, and hunger around the world. This pro-life organization is against some efforts to save lives? Go figure!

The complaint of LDI is that some of the organizations that American Idol is raising money for are "closely tied" or have a "working relationship" with groups that support abortion. While I respect their stand against abortion, I do not believe that can justify fighting efforts to help those already born. They seem like Jonah who would have rather sat on the hill and watched people die than turn on his "principles." Tens of millions of dollars were raised and this will change the lives of thousands upon thousands. How can anyone be against that?

It is sad when Hollywood is working harder to help people than a Christian group. Maybe LDI should have saved the money they spent on this press release and gave it to help kids. Oh, and one of the groups getting funds from the American Idol effort is a cleverly-named initiative that is supported in part by the United Methodists: Nothing But Nets (here's their website). At least there are some Christian groups who care enough to take action. We need more efforts like that made by American Idol and fewer people trying to play the part of an American Jonah.

UPDATE [4-26]: It is being reported that the program has raised over $60 million. Wow!

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  1. ouch. Thanks for pointing out another log in my eye.


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