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Article Award

Over the weekend, the Baptist Communicators Association announced the winners in its annual awards competition. I got second place in the Single Article - Online Publication category. The piece is entitled "SBC 2nd VP has Past Ties with Unification Church" and Ethics Daily ran it last June. Two years ago I got first place in Opinion/Editorial category for a piece entitled "This Do in Remembrance of Me." Okay, well I should shut up about myself now.


  1. Congratulations, Bryan, for the recognition. Keep up the good writing!

  2. Oops! Sorry for mispelling your name. I have a nephew who spells his name (Bryan) with a y rather than an i and sometimes I unconsciously write it out that way.

  3. Keith Herron10:33 AM

    No big surprise about these honors as you do a terrific job in telling the story and helping us understand the importance of clear and honest communication. As it should be. I wish I had a pretty picture to put up like Gary has but I don't.

  4. Thanks Gary and Keith for the encouragement!


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