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Defending Murderers?

Yesterday, Ethics Daily reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center has criticized the Southern Baptist Convention's second vice president, Wiley Drake, for signing a "Declaration of Support for James Kopp." In 2003, Kopp was convicted of killing an abortion doctor and is suspected of shooting four other abortion doctors. The declaration signed by Drake appeared on the website of a radical group called the Army of God.

This is ridiculous! How can anyone who claims to be pro-life defend someone who deliberately took another person's life? And how can the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. condone that by allowing Drake to remain as second vice president?

Drake has done some pretty wild things in the past (such as calling for the boycott of Disney and attacking the Baptist World Alliance), but this seems to take the cake. He is quickly going from being a laughing stock for his huge number of motions at SBC annual meetings to being a serious embarrassment to the name "Baptist."

By the way, Drake was the subject of my Ethics Daily article last year that recently won second place from the Baptist Communicators Association in the Single Article - Online Publication category. The piece dealt with Drake's involvement in Moonie events. Drake apologized publicly back in 2001 for his Moonie connections. However, as I reported, he actually continued to be a part of their events. When I interviewed him, he at first denied he had done any other events, but he did kind of admit to it when I pointed the facts out. One of the three Moonie newspaper articles about his involvement after the apology even had a photo of him at the event.


  1. Brian,

    Read your book, "For God's Sake Shut Up!" Thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially benefited from chapter one. Thanks for helping us all learn how to listen and speak gracious words "seasoned with salt" (Col. 4:6).


    Rodney Reeves

  2. Dr. Reeves: Glad you liked it! And thanks for the kind words.

    I was glad to find your blog and am enjoying catching up on some of your thoughts. It brings back good memories of sitting in your classes.


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