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Fake News?

Ethics Daily has an article today about a recent Pew Research Center report examining how much people know and what sources of news they use. At the top of the list? None other than viewers of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report"! The viewers of these shows blew away those who get their news from the network evening news and the network morning shows.

It is kind of funny that the self-proclaimed "fake news" apparently has more educated viewers than the supposedly real news has. As a proud viewer of these two shows, I was glad (but not surprised) to see the report. Maybe more Christians should watch these shows! If you do not believe me, check out a column I wrote for Ethics Daily back in February. It was entitled "Praying for Stephen Colbert (and Rick Scarborough)."


  1. Jennifer H1:41 PM

    Glad to know newspaper readers were right up there -- but then, I guess it's the newspaper readers who watch Colbert / Daily Show. . .

  2. Yeah, the websites for newspapers were right up there at top. And the print versions are still up above most of the TV news genres. I think there’s still a future for them, so hang in there! ;)


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