Jingo Jangle

April 19, 2007

Ted Olsen has an excellent piece in Christianity Today. It is entitled "Jingo Jangle." Here are a few highlights:

When conservative Southern Baptist leaders recommended in late 2003 that the convention pull out of the Baptist World Alliance, they cited, among other concerns, "a decided anti-American tone [that] has emerged in recent years."

Recently, after the leaders of the Anglican Communion told the Episcopal Church it was violating both Scripture and Anglican doctrine, liberals in that denomination screamed a red-white-and-blue streak.

... While their views of international diplomacy differ strongly, these organizations share a common desire to be globally minded. Unfortunately, they can be tribal and insular when critiquing each other.

... Being people of the kingdom of God is not a what if question about choosing sides some day. It's something we do every day. And when we denigrate the image of God by bearing false witness or making ad hominem attacks--or by saying to other members of Christ's body, "I have no need of you"--we renounce and deny our true citizenship. We side with the wrong kingdom.
Amen! We need to focus less on nationalistic goals and more on following the teachings of Jesus. And we must tone down our rhetoric.