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More Truth Coming Out

On Monday, I noted that the truth was finally beginning to come out about David Clippard, who was recently fired as the Executive Director of the Missouri Baptist Convention. I pointed out that the public report demonstrated a pattern of mistruths. Now, the MBC has released a Questions and Answers document to make the issues even clearer. In this they finally set the record straight that Mr. Clippard lied about my mother. Here is part of the answer to question 18:
f. The deposition of Dr. Clippard, which Dr. McCoy obtained, stated that Mrs. Kaylor was not "caught red handed" in Dr. Clippard's office at his computer, as had been stated publicly, but that she was seen at the reception desk 35-40 feet away, during the incident in question. This imprecise language was alleged by plaintiff to be a material fact in the libel / slander count.
He made this false claim about my mother during his speech at an annual meeting of the MBC and it was repeated in Pathway and Baptist Press articles. At least the truth has finally come out!

Interestingly, Mr. Clippard seems to be unwilling to accept the truth. In a Baptist Press article yesterday, he claimed this about the case:
The federal judge exonerated us completely.
Now compare that statement with another part of the answer to question 18 in the Q&A document:
e. As part of the compromise agreed to by the parties, the Court entered a judgment in favor of Dr. Clippard, the Convention and the Executive Board on the sexual discrimination count. The Court did not, however, exonerate Dr. Clippard, the Convention and the Executive Board on the other two counts, alleging libel / slander and retaliation, as some had understood. As part of the compromise, the plaintiff had agreed to dismiss the other two counts upon payment by the insurance company. (The Convention did not have to pay this settlement.) The judgment by the Court on the discrimination count was based on a stipulation by the parties and not by a review of evidence by the judge or an actual finding of fact.
Once again Mr. Clippard should not be trusted on this issue. I pray that all Missouri Baptists will hear and accept the truth!

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