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Setting the Record Straight

Earlier this month, David Clippard was fired as the Executive Director of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Shortly thereafter, I noted that the truth was finally coming out about how Mr. Clippard had mistreated and lied about my mother (see earlier posts here and here). Today, the Jefferson City News-Tribune has an excellent article that helps sets the record straight even more. The headline notes "MBC's Clippard probe erases claims he made in 2003 employee firing." While it unfortunately does not erase all of the damage from Mr. Clippard's lies, it does help. Here are a couple of highlights:
A former Jefferson City resident said recently this month's firing of David Clippard, the Missouri Baptist Convention's executive director, came with an exoneration of her case against Clippard and the MBC.

... The committee also reported that Clippard's deposition in the case, which MBC members had not seen earlier, "stated that Mrs. Kaylor was not 'caught red handed' in Dr. Clippard's office at his computer, as had been stated publicly, but that she was seen at the reception desk 35-40 feet away, during the incident in question."

... In her statement, Kaylor said: "I am especially thankful that the Board has acknowledged the false statements made by Mr. Clippard about me (while I) was assisting a fellow employee on unrelated Convention matters. My hope has always been that Missouri Baptists would know the truth and this report helps set the record straight."
It is interesting to note that the story points out that the MBC's Pathway reported the false claims about my mother. Although the Pathway posted the Q&A that pointed out Mr. Clippard's lie, it has yet to set the record straight in an article (as a journalist would do) or apologize (as a Christian would do). Instead, a secular newspaper is doing a much better job of covering this story.

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