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Simon Cowell in Your Church?

Pastor George Love has an interesting piece in Presbyterians Today called "The Wisdom of American Idol." Here are few highlights:
Who would you most like to find as the newest member of your church's session -- Randy, Paula or Simon?

... What church session can't use a Paula? Someone to see the light, no matter how severe the darkness, to provide a word of encouragement when the walls seem to be crumbling around you.

... A Randy is essential as well. Randy can talk to everyone. When folks start moving into two camps, it's Randy who can moderate the conversation.

... But I think the one we may really need is Simon. What Simon is ultimately about is truth. What Paula might not tell you and what Randy might sugar-coat, Simon will simply lay out for you in all its glory. And do we church people not need a healthy dose of truth?

Love, support, compassion, moderation, communication, negotiation -- and cold, hard truth-telling (with a bit of snarkiness). Paula, Randy and Simon. It'd make for an interesting session meeting.
There are some good points in this piece. Most churches probably do not see the need for a Simon (though he is my favorite on the show because he is funny and actually tells the truth). Of course, there could be a problem with someone being too critical and too harsh, but most churches could use someone who is willing to actually tell the truth.

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