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This is a Seminary?

While most people have finally seen the light and criticized shock-commentator Ann Coulter, Southern Evangelical Seminary will have her on campus to speak. The school's President, Alex McFarland, attempted to justify the event:
Who among us hasn't said something intemperate from time to time? ... The bottom line is that (her) book 'Godless' is a powerful one, and the message she will be bringing, 'The Consequences of a Godless Nation,' is a message that needs to be heard.
There are a couple of problems with his remark. First of all, we should not excuse her hateful remarks just because everyone says bad things. Most people do not sink to her level, and she has a problem most times she opens her mouth (not just "from time to time"). Second, her arguments in the book he mentions are also problematic. Last year, I wrote a column for Ethics Daily pointing out some of the problems in her over-the-top rhetoric.

For a seminary to invite Coulter to speak--even before the recent controversy--suggests they are focusing too much on politics and that they are not troubled by hateful and inappropriate rhetoric. Could they really not find a Christian speaker to come address these issues in an ethical and Christ-like manner?


  1. "Who among us hasn’t said something intemperate from time to time?"

    I'm sure Coulter has said something temperate from time to time.

  2. Diane9:34 AM

    If ms. Coulter has said temperate things, she has said them in private.

    This seminary is wrong in inviting her OR they agree with her sentiments and want to spread her words.

    Inviting her and excusing some of the things she has said does not cancel out her message.
    She repeatedly says has the same message and NEVER has apologised for what she has said.
    She does not in any way have a Christian message.
    She spreads a message of hate, that is disguised by her talk about liberals.
    It is amazing and sad that Mr. McFarland cannot see the truth.

  3. Diane6:52 AM

    Here are a few choice words written by ANN during the last few weeks.
    AND she belongs talking to a seminary?????
    "These people can't even wrap up genocide," Coulter writes. "We've been hearing about this slaughter in Darfur forever -- and they still haven't finished. The aggressors are moving like termites across that country. It's like genocide by committee. Who's running this holocaust in Darfur, FEMA?"

    Now that's compassion.

    But Coulter's not done yet; first, she has to celebrate Passover in her own special way.

    "On this week, let us remember the message of Passover is that freedom doesn't come easy," Coulter says. "Moses had to grab Jews by the scruff of their necks and drag them to the desert for 40 years to get a generation capable of living in freedom -- and even then the Jews were complaining about it being too drafty ... Once free, they complained about the food ... Even in the desert, the Jews would not stop with the golden calves. God nearly let the whole lot of them perish in the desert, he was so angry about their idolatrous ways. Only when he had a new generation, born in freedom, that didn't complain about the food, did he lead them to the promised land."

    And somehow, this all leads Coulter to the conclusion that "if you want a shorter rebuilding process, then we're going to have to wage less humane wars. The enemy -- as well as innocent civilians -- must be bombed into quivering terror."

  4. Thanks for the comments. Diane, I hope more Christians will gain your perspective on this issue.


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