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Truth Starting to Come Out

There has been a lot of speculation over the past week about why David Clippard was fired as the Executive Director of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Well, the edited version of the report has finally been made public (you can read the edited report here). It is the result of a quite thorough investigation and should help to start to set the record straight.

This is a personal issue for me because Mr. Clippard not only acted inappropriately toward my mother (then his employee), but he stood before the messengers at an annual meeting and flat out lied about it. While they later settled her claims of retaliation, and slander and libel, many Baptists have still believed Mr. Clippard's inaccurate statements about my mother. Although the report does not offer any discussion into the merits of her case, it does make it quite clear that he has a pattern of not telling the whole truth. Here are a few of the statements about Mr. Clippard:
Employee morale at the Baptist Building is low because of David Clippard.

... The reputation of Missouri Baptists is being portrayed unprofessionally because of David Clippard's conduct and comments.

... David Clippard's answers have not always been sufficiently forthright when confronted on various issues.

... David Clippard demonstrated a spirit toward the Investigative Committee that was divisive.
The report also points out that Mr. Clippard apparently put Pathway editor Don Hinkle in a headlock and then, when asked about it by the Executive Board, he denied it happened. The report adds:
Although David continues to say he has no memory of the incident, we have come to understand by an independent eye witness that Don's accusation was indeed true.
Hopefully, people will accept these findings and quit giving credibility to Mr. Clippard's inaccurate statements about my mother.

By the way, Mr. Clippard was not the only one mentioned in the report. Mr. Hinkle also received some attention. Here are some of the statements made about Mr. Hinkle:
It is the opinion of the MBC IC that the morale of the MBC staff has suffered because of the perception that Don lacks accountability to anyone in the Baptist Building.

We understand there is significant consternation regarding some of the editorials Don has written. Many Missouri Baptists are concerned to the point of passing resolutions to condemn some of his writings. We are fully cognizant that the issue of Don's employment with the Missouri Baptist Convention has become a matter of controversy. Further, there are a number of MBC employees who have expressed to this committee that they have great personal difficulties with Don.
The Executive Board voted to continue to explore issues related to Mr. Hinkle's performance and report back at the July meeting. The lies about my mother were printed in the Pathway, so it is also good to see its credibility being questioned as well.

It seems that the truth is finally starting to come out. Hopefully, people are paying attention.


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Get another hobby!

  2. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Godly man obviously under attack! Those of us that personally know the man and his heart credit your work as bunk!


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