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Communication Relief

The Associated Baptist Press had an article last week about how some Baptist communicators were able to assist in the aftermath of the devastating tornado in Greensburg, Kansas. Here are a couple of highlights:
The volunteers from Ottawa University -- an American Baptist School -- were using their communications skills to help the Red Cross coordinate its disaster response, according to a May 10 university press release. As in many disasters, the Red Cross works with local, state and federal government agencies to respond to natural disasters.

Campus newspaper editor Nicole Lemons, fellow student Allison Small and newspaper advisor Kara Cunningham "were immediately put to work issuing press releases, answering emails and posting signs, along with other duties assigned by the Red Cross," according to the release.

... Ottawa officials said other students would join the trio, and that thy would continue to help with PR efforts even after the Red Cross's team of professionals left Greensburg. The school intends to offer course credit for the students, who, according to the release, "will be working on public service announcements/advertisements for securing supplies, donations, and volunteers for the town, as well as on additional stories coming out of the disaster."
This is a great reminder that regardless what our strengths are, we can use them to help people and serve God. Even writing and communication work can be missions work.

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