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Condoning Torture

The May issue of Christianity Today offers a troubling statistic about what evangelicals think about torture. It reports that 28 percent is the number of "American evangelicals who say torture is never justified." What? Only barely more that 1 in 4 evangelicals are against all torture! What has happened to American evangelicals? Meanwhile, the number of "[a]ll Americans who agree" that torture is never justified is 29 percent. So not only do most evangelicals not condemn all torture, but the average evangelical is not even more likely to take this moral stand than the average American. Something seems to be tragically wrong as too many evangelicals have apparently bought into "Tortured Theology."


  1. Diane3:11 PM

    I ask
    How in GOD'S name can anyone torture another human being IF we are taught that we are all made in the likeness of God?

    How can we stand by and let people be ravished by war,go hungry, have no shelter?
    How can a Christian be a Republican?

  2. Diane: You are indeed correct that there is something seriously wrong when someone tortures another person. I do not understand how a Christian could justify such ungodly behavior.

  3. It's sad to see anyone condoning torture, but it's appalling to see it coming from Christians. How easily we forget God's commandment to fear only Him. If we could learn to obey that command, there would be no reason to condone torturing or killing our enemies, and we would leave judgment to Him, as it should be.

  4. Stan: Thanks for the comment. My response is simply, “Amen!”


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