Graham Celebration

May 31, 2007

Today was the dedication ceremony for the Billy Graham Library. I watched most of the ceremony live online and it was a great testimony--as the Library is supposed to be--to the wonderful ministry of Graham. We truly need more Christian leaders like him.

An interesting part of the ceremony was the speeches from all three of the living former presidents. Since some Southern Baptists have been attacking next year's Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant by claiming that it was wrong to share an event with former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, it will be interesting to see if they now turn their fire on Graham. Maybe they will accuse him of not believing the gospel because he let Carter and Clinton speak! They will not, but such silence seems to undermine their claims about the Celebration. And since national SBC leaders have spoken out against the Celebration (in part because of Clinton and Carter), then maybe they will turn on Graham. At last year's annual meeting they dedicated a statue of Graham. Maybe this year they will tear it down kind of like what happened to Saddam Hussein's statue! None of this, of course, will happen (and it should not), but maybe we should all be willing to follow the example of Graham and work together with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our commonalities in the life-changing gospel of Jesus that Graham so eloquently preached for years is much more important than our differences.