Image Thief and Kitty Poisoner?

May 03, 2007

The Family Research Council pulled a prank on Max Blumenthal and The Huffington Post. Apparently, the latter had hotlinked an image from the FRC's website. So the FRC changed the image of some people to one that included text claiming that Max Blumenthal was an "Image Thief" and a "Kitty Poisoner." It also included an image of a dead cat. You can read the details and see the images here.

This is a pretty funny prank, though I worry about the intent. This was not innocent fun among friends. Instead, the FRC was taking on one of its biggest critic and this is likely only to add to the bad blood. After all, Blumenthal has previously exposed the problems with the FRC's leader, Tony Perkins, when it comes to issues of race. The FRC might be pulling pranks, but Blumenthal's piece on them is no laughing matter.