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New Attack on Public Schools

Ethics Daily reported yesterday that some Southern Baptists are once again attacking public schools. This is no surprise as they have introduced anti-public school resolutions at about this time for the last few years. However, it is still upsetting to see the inaccurate attacks. As usual, the rhetoric is over the top. For instance, they accuse public schools of being "an anti-Christian government school system." Note that they refer to them as "government" schools instead of the more accurate and accepted term of "public" schools.

Rather than reiterate my previous thoughts on this issue, let me point out two columns I wrote last year for Ethics Daily that deal with the attacks on public schools.

Call Me Pollyanna: In this piece I critiqued the public schools attackers for missing the point of how we are supposed to act.

What Are They Teaching?: In this piece I pointed out some of the illogical arguments being made by the public school attackers.

Hopefully, Baptists will reject the newest round of attacks on public schools.

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