Antarctica Partnership?

June 12, 2007

I have been watching parts of the SBC Annual Meeting live online. There have been a few interesting items so far, such as a lenghty questioning time about what should be counted as Cooperative Program giving. SBC Executive Commitee Chairman Morris Chapman is speaking right now. A few minutes ago he made a hillarious remark about the work of Bobby Welch, who is leading the SBC's attempt to build global relationships following the SBC's unfortuate decision to withdraw from the Baptist World Alliance (see previous post here about Welch and the effort). Welch has begun traveling the world in this effort. Chapman announced that in the near future Welch will be traveling to all seven continents. Really? Since there are no native peoples in Antarctica are there really any partnerships with Baptists that can be developed there? I guess they are trying to go somewhere that the BWA is not. Or perhaps the reception from other Baptist bodies has been so cold that Welch will be heading down there to warm up!

UPDATE [6-13-07]: Charles Wade, executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, brought greetings this morning to the messengers. He noted that the BGCT has ministries on all continents except Antarctica. After Welch plants the SBC flag on the South Pole, the BGCT will likely be called "liberals" for not doing any work down there.