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Beer, Brooms, Bibles, and Blogs

Earlier this week I noted some problematic comments and an odd remark made during Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. Here are a few more odd items worth noting from the meeting.

First, Reuters had an article about how bartenders in San Antonio complained about not getting a boost in business from the meeting. Not sure why anyone is surprised or why this is news, but it made for a funny article.

Second, Ethics Daily has an article today about remarks made at the meeting by Paige Patterson that confirmed that the seminary he heads will start offering a bachelor's degree in homemaking. Blogger Ben Cole put it well when he remarked, "A seminary degree in cookie-baking is about as useful as an M.Div. in automotive repair."

Third, Messenger Bob Green of Arrow Heights Baptist Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma gets the award for the craziest motion made this year. He moved that LifeWay Christian Resources should stop "the promotion and distribution of fables and allegories such as The Chronicles of Narnia when the Word of God specifically forbids this." I missed that verse in the Bible. Maybe it is in one of the parables of Jesus. Oh wait, LifeWay might have to stop selling those parts of the Bible. Thankfully this motion was dismissed and nothing will come of it.

On a more serious note, a few bloggers (such as Marty Duren and Art Rogers) have announced they are going to stop putting as much effort into trying to bring positive changes to the SBC. Their voices on these issues will be missed. For a good collection of diverse columns in response to the meeting, check out this series today in The Tennessean:

Moderate shift seems mostly a nod to political realities by The Tennessean
Meeting did little to alter old struggle by Robert Parham
Church is in second phase of reformation by Kevin Shrum


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM


    Nice, clever title to this piece!


  2. Thanks! I was trying to have a little fun with it.


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