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Blog Rating

Blog Rating
Jim West pointed out a website that will rate your blog according to the scale used to rate movies. It looks for words that if depicted in a film would result in a more cautious rating. My blog received a "G" rating.

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For fun I looked up some other blogs and most received a "G" or a "PG." Albert Mohler and Kevin Bussey, however, both received an "NC-17" rating, so you might want to be careful!

UPDATE [6-27-07]: Kevin Bussey reports that his rating has dropped to "R." It is good to see that he is cleaning up his act!


  1. Glad you all found it funny—especially you, Kevin, as I just couldn’t resist pointing out the rating.

  2. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Mine rated an "R" because I used the words "death," "torture," and "abortion." No context taken into account at all!

    It's funny--unless someone gets the idea that my site has porn on it or something!

  3. I managed a "G" rating as well. Whoopee!

  4. Michael: You're right that no context is offered, so this is just for fun.

    Gary: Glad to see that your site is clean!


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