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A Christian Fight?

It seems that the internal woes of the Christian Coalition continue (see previous post here). A few state chapters have left the national organization and now the new chapter in Alabama that is associated with the national organization is suing the old chapter (which is now called Christian Action Alabama). The claim is that the leaders of the old group stole the assets when they left. The leader of the old group responded by stating:
It is also biblically unconscionable for a representative of a Christian group to sue another Christian 'first,' instead of following the biblical example of 'approaching differences.'
Not only that, but this lawsuit will result in the waste of money and will greatly hurt the Christian witness because of the negative publicity. Does anyone still believe the organization should be called the "Christian Coalition"? Kevin Bussey put it well when he wrote about this case:
How can this lawsuit glorify God? Please take the name Christian out of your name because this isn't the way Jesus Christ would have responded. This is why politics and Jesus don't mix.

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