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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM


    DeLaTorre is a fine example of one who should follow the advice of your blog and book title.

    I guess Ephesians 5 and other New Testament passages on husbands and wives don't give us a biblical view of marriage?

    I'm disappointed at his cynicism, and your applause of it.

  2. *smile*

    Sorry, I just had a voice going off in my head that said, "What about Chuck?" I have no idea where it came from, but it makes me laugh...

    "Chuck," have you ever heard of "trolling?"

    Anyway - you know, I didn't find the article as "hilarious" as I thought I would. Actually, I couldn't finish reading it. I agree with what I believe to be the meaning of it. One, of the multiple, reasons that I can't go along with the BFM2K is the sexist language...but... Brother Miguel just seems a bit to harsh.

    I mean, Patterson does a pretty good job looking foolish to the world, it doesn't take much to point that out. And the idea of a "Home-Ec" course at the seminary on the hill is laughable in itself... But, it just seemed a little to much, especially when we are talking about civility in the electronic sphere.

    Tim L. Dahl

  3. Thanks for the comments. I'll admit that the piece is probably over-the-top, but I have to confess that my sense of humor sometimes leans in that direction. I almost did not post it because of the level of sarcasm.

    Yes, there are important biblical passages about marriage, but I do not like the claims that we today are so pathetic compared to people in biblical times. I do not buy the argument that we need to return to the "good 'ol days," because they did not exist. We need to take the lessons from the Bible but not always follow the actions of biblical characters.

  4. Kaylor,

    Saying, "I'll admit that the piece is probably over-the-top..." is the equivalent of saying, "Ben Cole's writing is just somewhat pointed."


    You sir, have the gift of understatement! I like that. :-)


  5. Tim: Let me offer another understatement—good point, you got me!


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