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Poor Tinky Winky

Poor Tinky Winky
Tinky Winky of the Teletubby's may have thought the heat would stop after Jerry Falwell's death. However, a Polish leader who works for children's rights said she wanted psychologists to study if Tinky Winky was gay and promoting homosexuality (she has since withdrawn the call for an investigation). The Polish leader had said:

I noticed that he has a purse, but I didn't realize he's a boy. ... At first I thought that must be a bother for him. Later I learned that there could be some hidden homosexual undertones.
I guess this just confirms that history repeats itself. I just wish the crazy parts would not reappear quite so often.


  1. Thank goodness people are worrying about the really important problems in the world. It's not like there are wars or natural disasters or children starving out there... Sigh.

  2. Very well put! You hit exactly why this story (as well as the previous one from Falwell) bothered me.

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM


    The gay Tinky Winky claims didn't originate with Jerry Falwell.

    Apparently, his 1999 National Liberty Journal article relied on some fairly reliable sources. Homosexual advocates were already praising and bragging about the gay character.

    The liberal national media was just salivating to pin it on Rev. Falwell as something only a right-wing extremist would say.

    Check it out:

    The wonderful MTV Movie Awards program--picture highlights of which just popped up unsolicited on my Message Center--reminds me that Rev. Falwell's warning to parents still is applicable:

    THAT bothers me.

  4. Chuck: I know that Falwell did not start the claim, but he was still wrong to make the argument. (Though for the record, I find it odd that you would rely on Ann Coulter as a source.) By the way, here's another story you might find worth reading on this issue: I'm sorry, Tinky Winky

  5. Anonymous5:41 PM


    I couldn't disagree more.

    Jerry Falwell was both correct and right.

    Are you anti-Ann? I think your political leanings are showing. I'm pretty sure mine are.

    However, politics has nothing to do with my assertion that Jimmy Carter is not suitable to lead a New Baptist Covenant.

    There, I worked it in! Hope you're working on the Rabbi Lerner refutation.

  6. Chuck: The question is not if Falwell was right in his assessment but if it was right to make a big deal out of it. One can be right but that does not mean it is always right to say it. His comments hurt his image and caused problems for Christians. He should have stayed focused on more important matters.

    As for the Coulter remark, I suspect you are making an incorrect assumption about my politics. Even many conservatives are against her (see previous post here) and rightly so because her rhetoric is often over-the-top, hateful and un-Christlike.

    As for the Celebration, did you catch Mitt Romney's remark in the debate on Tuesday? He said, "I believe in God, believe in the Bible, believe Jesus Christ is my savior.” It sounds like this Mormon could actually be a Christian!

  7. Anonymous3:11 AM


    Parental awareness and monitoring of the influence of school, television, and all media agenda-driven efforts at de-sensitizing or indoctrinating children in immmoral, un-Christlike, and dangerous behavior is an important matter.

    Falwell's comments appeared in his organization's publication and were appropriate for his audience. As I said, liberal media was eager to jump on him. I can assure you his comments didn't damage his image with me, a conservative Christian parent. Your claim he caused problems for Christians sounds totally subjective.

    Apologies for mis-portraying your poliitics. However, your previous post on Ann Coulter seems only to point out Robert Parham's critique of the religious right for not being critical of her. I think you're correct that some of her rhetoric is un-Christlike, but she speaks in the secular arena and is a credible source for information. I doubt she is a Christian, but I don't really know.

    Mitt Romney, like many well-informed Mormons, knows the terminology of Christianity, but I'll remind you again--the Mormon Jesus is neither eternal God nor immmaculately virgin-born man. He is hardly the one true God's Son, given once as the sacrifice for the redemption of all mankind.


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