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Say Something Nice

The Christian Post has an article about how churches were being urged to say something nice today. Here are a few excerpts:
Say something nice on Sunday. Why? Words are powerful, says one communications expert.

First Baptist Church Charleston and the Charleston Baptist Association in South Carolina have declared the first Sunday of June as "Say Something Nice Sunday." The main purpose is to urge Christians of all denominations to step back from the conflict and discourse that has gripped many churches and denominations today and to not utter not even a single word of criticism.

... In 2006, Mayor Keith Summey of North Charleston, S.C., issued a proclamation declaring June 1 of each year as "Say Something Nice Day." "Say Something Nice Sunday" is a natural extension of that and a response to the hostility within religious groups, according Carnell.

When Summey made his declaration in 2006, he noted human communication as the most important skill and further stressed the importance of treating each employee, each citizen, and each visitor with respect. Drawing attention to the costs of poor communication in businesses, he said 60 percent of workers never receive a compliment at work.

... "Our national discourse has become so strident and even in religious circles the rhetoric is often far from Christ-like," according to First Baptist Church Charleston, which claims to be the oldest Baptist church in the South. "This special day is an opportunity to build the community of faith, strengthen relationship and heal old wounds."
There are some great reminders in this article about the power and importance of words. The only thing that seems quite ironic is that they are getting excited about nice things being said in church on ONE Sunday. What about the other 51 Sundays a year? What about the other six days of the week? It would be great if people in all churches would take to heart the power of words and be nice with their words throughout the entire year.


  1. Brian,

    I didn't see that you had posted on this. So did I. Boy do we need it.

  2. We sure do need it! I thought you made a very good point that was similar to my thoughts on this. (For those who haven't seen Kevin's post on this, click here.)


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