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Answers in 1 John

The Cincinnati Post has a disturbing article about conflict between a couple of Christian creationist organizations. Here are some excerpts from the piece:
As part of an attempt to destroy a fellow creationist group, Boone County-based Answers in Genesis raised questions about a colleague's marriage. At least, that's Creation Ministries International's version of events, as detailed in a report by a former chief state magistrate in Australia, Clarrie Briese.

Trying to discredit CMI Managing Director Carl Wieland to colleague Philip Bell, AIG founder Ken Ham suggested things about Wieland's marriage that weren't true, Briese found. "It is astonishing that respected leaders of Christian organizations would stoop so low as to resort to gutter tactics of the kind mentioned here," Briese wrote.

... These documents make for fascinating reading, showing that, if nothing else, Christians in the creationist movement can't settle their differences like Christians.

... His report also discusses a letter to Wieland from the chairman of the AIG board, Don Landis, a pastor, who suggested that Wieland's actions showed he had spiritual problems.

"Is there a past sin you have not confessed that you are aware of?" he quoted Landis as writing. "Is there a present sin such as pornography?"

As Briese sees it, Landis deceitfully used a pastoral tone to suggest unsavory and false things about Wieland.

The conflict between AIG and CMI came to a head in May, when CMI sued AIG in Australian court, saying that AIG essentially stole magazine subscribers from CMI.
This is crazy and ridiculous! The line that sums it up best is that the conflict suggests that "Christians in the creationist movement can't settle their differences like Christians." How about they spend less time worrying about teaching creationism and more time worrying about living like Christians? And how about they spend less time looking for answers in the first couple of chapters in Genesis and more time looking for some answers in 1 John 4?

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