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Church Messages

Communication consultant Woody Murray has a piece in the Baptist Press that reminds us that our churches are always sending messages to people in the community. The piece is entitled "Is your church sending mixed messages?" Here are a few highlights:
Right now, someone is reading your church sign while driving by your church. Another person is studying your small ad in the Yellow Pages. A young couple is checking out your church website. Neighbors are watching your church van drive down the main road in your town. A newcomer to the area is listening to your church answering machine message, after business hours, to find out about the times of services.

If you don't present one clear and inviting message for your church through every touch-point, then a single weak communication can counter all of the strong church promotion you are working so hard to build.

When was the last time you took a close look at your key communications touch-points?
He goes on to ask a bunch of questions about various types of church messages that one should give attention to (including thinking about what message the church van might communicate when the driver is driving poorly).


  1. I dunno ... I'm thinking Murray may be a bit too 'old school' in his suggestions.

    I blog about this - asserting that said signs have better utility when they invite individuals to investigate the church's purpose and personality online.

  2. Thanks for the comment and the link to your thoughts! You are right that he is probably still a little old-school, but he does still makes some good points (as do you).


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