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Friday Photo

Friday Photo

I thought this sign was quite humorous. It says they are at the door knocking but they are actually only at the mailbox! In fact, the house was a few hundred yards away and behind trees so I was unable to get it in the photo with the sign. Maybe the sign is a knock knock joke! I wonder if anyone driving down the highway was inspired by the text (or even able to read the whole thing).


  1. Anonymous6:26 AM


    I just saw and responded to the comment you snuck in late in your "Shake Them Out" post of June 18.

    It's so old, I thought I'd better alert you that there's a new comment!

    You sure fired me up with that one, my friend. I hope you can lick your wounds and still function.


  2. Chuck: I have answered it. Thanks for letting me know, but you don't have to as I have the system set up to send me an email after someone makes a comment.


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