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Rude Christians

Recently I noted the problem of the rude Christians who interrupted a prayer in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, such outrageous heckling behavior was not limited to that one incident. Operation Rescue recently put out a press release complaining that a couple of ministers were arrested for disrupting a church service. The church was having its Sunday communion service when one of the men went to a microphone and starting loudly reading from Isaiah. After he had been removed from the church, the second man went up to receive communion but rejected it. He was also removed from the church as he offered his diatribe against the church. The two men were arrested on the appropriate charge of "rude and indecent behavior in a place of worship" (I didn't know such a charge existed but a lot of preachers could be in trouble if the letter of the law was enforced!).

So why did the men act this way? They targeted the church because an abortion doctor is a member there. I get the fact that they wanted to protest abortion, but how does disrupting a church service accomplish that? I suspect that many members of that church--who are the victims as their worship experience was ruined--are pro-life. Somehow I do not think that the Christian calling is to disrupt Christian church services. Are they planning now to go and interrupt the communion services of every church that has a sinner in its midst? God is pleased when people come together for worship and communion, so how must God feel when someone disrupts that?


  1. What if they kept someone from coming to Christ with their disruption?

  2. As usual, you make an excellent point. If there was a lost person there that day I would suspect the whole thing would have turned them off from church.

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

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  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    G'day Mate! I juz accidentally ended up yo in blog, a similar event happened in our church too!! Deacons started protesting this way just because the church permitted to allow unmarried workers to preach! You made an excellent point here!!



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