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What's in a Name?

Charles Lowery has a good piece in SBC Life entitled "What's in a Name?" Here are some highlights:
God doesn't want us to take His Name lightly. Use care in all of your words and especially in using His Name.

... If we don't care about the words we use, then it shows a lack of care about who we are and how we relate to others.

The mouth that takes words lightly is a mouth that takes God lightly. Who we are and what we think are reflected in how we speak.

... We either exalt or defame His Name. Some people never become Christians because they have never met a Christian, but some people never become Christians because they know a Christian.

... Let's not take His Name lightly. Let's be ambassadors for Him -- not an embarrassment to Him -- because His is the Name above all names.
Amen! There are many excellent reminders in his piece about being careful with the words we use because they often have eternal significance.

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