July 9, 2007

Word Burial

At the annual convention of the NAACP, a mock burial was held for the "N-word." They did not just speak out against the offensive word, but actually had a casket (with the word in it) pulled on a horse-drawn carriage through Detroit. This is a very clever way to bring attention to the growing calls to put an end to the "N-word." (Previous posts about this word can be found here and here). This word, and others like it that are intended to spread hate, should be confronted. Hopefully, Christians will take this challenge seriously. And hopefully we will also avoid any other words that hurt others.

I think the burial was brilliant street theatre that sends a strong message. It dramatically made the point about how the organizers felt about the targeted word. It also got me thinking about if there are any words frequently used by Christians that need to be buried. Any nominations?


  1. I nominate "Islamofacist"

  2. Stan: An excellent nomination and I will heartily second it!

  3. Anonymous7:52 PM

    what's wrong with Islamofascist? It's too clear for you?

    Yeah, you WOULD "heartily second it." With all due respect, Kaylor, you're truly an idiot. Just do me one favor, though: SELL me your book again! Here's another excellent opportunity to shove it down your (six) readers' throats!