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Missouri Baptist Conflict Complicated by Judicial Ties, Changes

Ethics Daily ran my latest article today, which is entitled "Missouri Baptist Conflict Complicated by Judicial Ties, Changes." It deals with the ongoing lawsuit brought by the Missouri Baptist Convention against five Missouri Baptist ministries. Monday marked fives years since the lawsuit was filed. The article notes that two appeals court judges who overturned a dismissal of the MBC's case left the bench this summer. This may impact the future of the case as the two had potential conflicts of interest due to ties with the MBC. The piece also covers some other changes that have occurred over the past year, such as the MBC suing individuals. This is important because they initially claimed that their lawsuit did not violate the Bible because they were only suing corporations and not individuals. Hopefully, the five years of wasting God's money and hurting the Christian witness of Missouri Baptists will soon come to an end.

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