More on Homemaker Degree

August 24, 2007

CNN ran a segment yesterday about the controversial new homemaker degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (you can watch the clip below). Ethics Daily has an article today about the segment. The funniest part comes near the end. The reporter tells how many people are expected to enter the program but has inflection that seems to be leading up to a dramatic number. That big number? Fifteen. Baptist blogger Ben Cole does a good job in the segment of pointing out problems with the degree.

The Ethics Daily piece also mentions a recent Reuters interview about the program with Southwestern's president, Paige Patterson. At one point they asked him:

Your view is that it's best that women should stay home when they have children?
The "answer" that Patterson gave was:
I am wary of the crusade against mothers ... who choose not to have a career but to devote themselves entirely to their homes. That's noble and our society is worse for not maintaining it as a noble cause.
Notice how he did not answer the question but instead attacked his critics for supposedly crusading against mothers. Critics like myself believe that women should have a choice. But the question is does Patterson really believe that? It seems that he believes women should stay at home and that this degree is designed to teach that one interpretation of a woman's role.

For some background on this story, check out my two articles last week at Ethics Daily:
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UPDATE [8-24-07]: NBC's "Today Show" also had an interesting segment about the program. You can watch it here.