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More on Pressler Law

Bob Allen has an article at Ethics Daily today that is a follow-up to my piece last week about Louisiana College starting a new law school to be named after controversial Southern Baptist fundamentalist leader Paul Pressler. In today's article, Wilmer C. Fields, a 1943 Louisiana College graduate and retired director of Baptist Press, offered his critique of the plan that he said made him question the "sanity" of school administrators. Here are some of his comments:
But then to name such a dubious 'school' after a man who has done more damage to Southern Baptist life than any other person in the denomination's history is an unreasonable, ludicrous act of ineptitude and rashness.

... Incorrigible ignorance and unmitigated arrogance are diametrically opposed to the purposes of higher education. ... Louisiana College, the students, alumni and friends of the institution, and all Louisiana Baptists deserve, and must have, something far better than this! Enough is enough!
Well said! Today's article recaps some of the actions by Pressler that make Fields feel this way. And yet despite all of that, the school's president stated:
Judge Paul Pressler for us is the model of a jurist. ... He really emanates the kind of model that we would have for our attorneys graduating from this institution.
Now that's a scary thought!


  1. I think that Larry King interviewed Judge Pressler on late night radio long, long ago. Any idea where that might be found?
    Bennett Willis

  2. That would be very interesting to hear, although I don't know where to find it. Thanks for the heads-up.


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