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Pattersons and Drake

Ethics Daily ran my latest two articles today. The first one is entitled "Pattersons Defend Homemaker Degree, Attack Critics." It covers comments made by Paige and Dorothy Patterson during a radio program as they talked about the controversial new homemaker degree. It is somewhat of a follow-up piece from my Monday article at Ethics Daily, which was about a Fox News segment between Paige Patterson and Robert Parham. It was interesting to listen as the two would contradict themselves and misrepresent the issues.

My second article today is entitled "Pastor Wiley Drake Endorses Huckabee, Prompts Complaint to IRS." It covers a recent controversy after Drake made an endorsement of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee that was written on church letterhead. As a result, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State filed an IRS complaint. Drake then called on Christians to offer imprecatory, or cursing, prayers. AU responded by denouncing Drake for an "outlandish attack" and praying "for the demise of staff members" of the organization. In the article I also offer some comments Drake made in an interview with me about the controversy. Here is that section of the piece:
In an interview with, Drake responded to the AU's second press release dealing with his call for imprecatory prayer.

"If they think it's 'outlandish,' it doesn't surprise me," Drake stated. "They're ungodly, un-scriptural, not even Christians."

"They have no reverence for the Word of God," Drake continued. "And if they think it's 'outlandish,' don't blame me, I didn't write it, God did."

"It really doesn't matter what my words are," Drake added. "What matters is what does God's Word say? God's Word says if they continue to attack God's people, God will cause their children to become orphans and their wives to become widows. I didn't say that, God did."
AU's blog mentioned the article today, stating that it shows that Drake "apparently sees God as some sort of heavenly hit man."

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