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Another Debate Article

Another article came out today that reported on my debate last week with campus street preacher George "Brother Jed" Smock (for more about the debate, see previous posts here and here). Today's piece is in the CAFNR Corner Post, an online student journal at MU. Here are a couple excerpts:
Smock jolted into action reading haltingly from prepared notes, waving his arms and stabbing pointed fingers in the air.

... Kaylor's response was opposite in every way. Slowly, clearly and with open gestures he rebutted. "There are different ways of preaching the Gospel, and that's the critical error [Smock] is making."

"When we are talking about something as important as spirituality and a relationship with God, it's not just rhetorical suicide, it's spiritual suicide if you are driving people away from God," he said.
Hopefully, this piece will help students know that street preachers do not represent all Christians.

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