BWA Continues to Grow

September 23, 2007

The Baptist World Alliance, which unites millions of Baptists around the world, continues to grow! Here is the report from the September issue of BWA News:

The Community of Christian Churches in Africa (CECA) is the newest member body of the Baptist World Alliance. The convention, with 30,000-plus members, was unanimously received into the international organization in a vote taken during the General Council Meeting in Accra, Ghana, after recommendation by the Membership Committee.

Led by Enoch B. Dusingizimana, President and General Secretary, CECA has 115 churches and 141 pastors. Formed in November 1991, CECA is based in French-speaking Rwanda but also has ministries in Burundi, Uganda, and in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ministry activities include church planting, training, HIV/AIDS, ministry to prison inmates, as well as entrepreneurship promotion and social services such as education and health services.

CECA has approximately 3,000 students enrolled in five high schools, two primary schools, 28 kindergarten schools, and a bible school, in addition to 54 basic literacy centers in local churches around the country. Fifty five percent of its students are orphans "Because of war and HIV/AIDS," a church report says.
It is exciting to see more Baptist brothers and sisters unite together for ministry, worship, and fellowship. It is also exciting to see that despite the fact that the Southern Baptist Convention withdrew from the BWA, the ministry continues to move forward and grow. As I previously noted, contributions to the BWA have been increasing.