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Here, Smell It!

Have you ever had someone say that something smelt really bad and then give it to you smell? Why do we do that? On a much more serious level, it seems that many Christian groups do this same basic thing. They find something they are offended by and then make sure to pass it on for more people to see or hear. It is one thing to offer a problematic statement up for a teaching moment. But if you believe that something is so offensive that it should be censored, why would you then repeat it? Yet some Christian organizations do this.

For instance, the Catholic League's Bill Donohue is upset about comments that comedian Kathy Griffin during the creative arts Emmy awards. These are the one that are not big enough to be done live and so are given out earlier and pre-recorded. She is an atheist and made some comments mocking Jesus. Donohue condemned the remarks and is urging people to demand that she apologize.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. The Associated Press, which reported on the story, did not print the most offensive remarks and reported that they were going to be deleted when the program was aired. But as the DallasNews Religion blog points out, Donohue's group did repeat them. In fact, they issued a warning to readers that if they followed the link to the Catholic League's website that they would read the comments that the AP did not print. Well, isn't that funny! The secular news not only will not print the remarks but is warning readers about the "off-color joke" they will find on a Christian organization's website. You just can't make this stuff up!

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