September 20, 2007

At the end of an Ethics Daily article today there is a troubling remark from a denominational official. The piece offers a very disturbing account from an abuse case involving a Baptist minister. Then Roger Oldham, vice president of convention relations for the Southern Baptist Convention, stated that they were for looking for a policy that would "first of all, protect autonomy of the local church, and second, protect the children, too."

So the children are second? Is this really the correct order for our priorities? What makes this worse is that not only are they putting the goal of protecting kids as second, but they are putting it second to something they don't even believe in. The claim of respecting local autonomy is just a smokescreen used to cover their inaction. As I have noted elsewhere, they have kicked out churches for supporting homosexuality so they do not always respect local church autonomy. Hopefully, Oldham will offer more caring words and deeds to help prevent future problems.