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30 Under 30

Vox, a Columbia, Missouri magazine, came out today with its "30 Under 30." The issue recognizes 30 people in Columbia under the age of 30 that they feel are making a difference. I was named as one of those 30. Here are a few highlights from the piece:

Religious rebel Brian Kaylor has a mission: to challenge street preachers to shut up.

... Kaylor's frustration led him to pen the book For God's Sake, Shut Up. Published in February by Smyth & Helwys, the book goes beyond pointing out the shortcomings of street evangelism and addresses how people can discuss religion more effectively.

... Jim Hill, executive director of the convention, says Kaylor is creative and passionate. "I think (Brian) has some significant insight that he provides in a colorful way," Hill says about Kaylor's book.

... "We need more thinking Christians," he writes in For God's Sake, Shut Up. "Regardless of how badly you want to say something, stop and think. ... Ask yourself if it is ethical, if it is appropriate, and most importantly, if it will help the cause. If not, for God's sake (and your own), remain silent."

You can read the whole piece here.


  1. Chuck5:13 PM

    Very nice, Brian.

    Your picture in the piece looks quite different from the blog pic, though. Makes me wonder which is more current.

  2. Well done. Good on you--and on the magazine for recognizing your contributions.

  3. That's fabulous Brian, congrats. Religious rebel - I love it!

  4. jennifer h12:57 PM


  5. Thanks everyone!

    Chuck: Other than a different shirt and angle and the difference between glasses and contacts, I am not sure what makes the photo. The Vox one is only a few weeks old but the other one is less than a year old.

  6. MEP: Yeah, I really liked the "religious rebel" part.


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