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More on McBaptist

Recently I noted the problematic claim by presidential candidate John McCain that he was an active member of a Baptist church even though he has not had believer's baptism. McCain has now admitted that he misspoke. He explained:
What I meant to say is that I practice--I am a Christian--and I attend a Baptist church. ... I'm very aware that immersion--as my wife, Cindy, has done--is necessary to be considered a Baptist. So my comment is and my statement is: I was raised Episcopalian. I have attended the North Phoenix Baptist Church for many years, and I'm a Christian.
McCain also mentioned that although he has been considering baptism, he will not do it during the campaign because he does not want it to appear to be a political strategy. Although McCain has made several attempts during this run to use religion for political purposes, I appreciate that he will not turn a Christian act like baptism into a photo op.

Other comments during McCain's recent interview, however, are troubling. He claimed that "the Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation." Some Muslim and Jewish groups have attacked McCain for his comments. McCain's remark led a Christian Coalition leader to exclaim that now McCain might win the election. Really? Are we going to vote for someone to uphold the Constitution when they apparently have not read much of it. It seems that religion and politics will continue to mix too much but hopefully we will at least be able to keep our heads above water!

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