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Being Quiet

Tom Ehrich has a good column about the need for Christians to just be quiet sometimes. Here are a few highlights:
First thing, of course: stop arguing. Simply turn off the microphones, close the notebooks with the talking points, stop counting votes, stop hurling invective, sit down and be quiet.

If I could give any advice to warring Christians, it would be: God has no stake in your warfare; your battles are all about you. So be still and listen. Listen to the world you presume to care about. Listen to the aching hearts around you. Listen to the questions people are asking. Just be quiet.

... Teach people to study the Bible. Not to take sides in the stale posturing of biblical partisans, but to read ancient words and to build bridges to modern life, and then to be transformed by a God who has never lived in a box.
Amen! We need to do more listening and less fighting.

Thanks to Nathan at the Moral Contradictions blog for making me aware of this column.

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