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Own Dictionary

There was a very interesting line about the use of words in a recent Baptist Press article. The article was entitled "False faiths have 'their own dictionary.'" The line that led to the title came from Watchman Fellowship president James Walker. He stated:
Counterfeits are going to use our words. ... They will use all of our vocabulary. But watch out, because they have their own dictionary.
That is a very interesting statement that proves why it is so important for us to be clear about what we mean by what we say and to make sure we understand what others mean when they talk. If we do not pay attention to the definitions or uses of words by others, we may assume we agree with them or understand them when we really do not.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Well, yes; word choice is important. But to me, his comments are more like "circling the wagons" - warning folks that only their specific group and leadership can be trusted to provide The Truth. That approach is as old as humanity.
    And it's probably a response to increased "faith talk" by Democrats/progressives. [Speaking as a churchperson, I find political faith-chatter - by anyone - offensive: It makes religious belief a de facto litmus test for public office, and implies that the "unfaithed" aren't competent or ethical. It also harms faith in general - by turning religion into a bumper-sticker, and making people view religion as just another political tool.]

  2. Chuck9:06 AM

    I'm pretty sure, considering James Walker's ministry, that he's calling on Christians of any and all denominations to be aware of the lingo of non-Christian cults which reference a "Jesus" who is/was not both eternally God and fully man.

    Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are the largest two of such groups.

    Politics need not have anything to do with Walker's comments.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Anonymous: Even if you think he is wanting people to just trust him, he is still making a good point about word usage. I agree with your concerns about making faith another political tool.

    Chuck: You have correctly read this situation.


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