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Weighing in on Civic Engagement

After Vox magazine named me as one of "30 under 30" in Columbia, I was asked to write a piece on civic engagement for the Boone County Democrat (the newsletter for the Boone County Democrats). They had apparently asked the various individuals selected by Vox in order to hear from some young people in Columbia about politics and civic responsibility. My piece (which is not online) is in the December/January issue. At first I was a little hesitant because I do not want to be seen as partisan and do not consider myself to neatly fit into either political party (something I noted in my piece). Ultimately, however, I decided I should not pass on an opportunity to address people about important issues. In my piece I urged readers not to use religion as a political weapon and not to stereotype Christians. I hope that in this highly religious political season that this message is heeded by those in both parties.

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