Celebrating Next Week

January 25, 2008

Next week is the exciting and historic Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant in Atlanta. The event is starting to get more media attention as it nears, most of which is helping to highlight why such a gathering is desperately needed for Baptists in North America. Here are a few pieces that have come out this week, each of which is worth reading:

The Religion News Service had a good story entitled "Baptists to Push Unity, Fresh Face in Atlanta." The piece pointed out the Celebration's goal of bringing Baptists together for ministry and to focus on what we are for instead of what we are against.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had two good articles about the upcoming Celebration. The first piece offered background on the meeting and issues in Baptist life. The second article was an interview with former President Jimmy Carter about the meeting.

The Associated Baptist Press had a good column by David Gushee that is entitled "My Baptist journey to the New Baptist Covenant." This personal reflection centered on the Luke 4 focus of the Celebration.

Finally, Ethics Daily has had a couple of good columns this week on the Celebration. Mark Johnson had a good column entitled "What I Hope in the New Baptist Covenant" that offered some thoughts on what the meeting will hopefully be like. Robert Parham had a column entitled "New Baptist Covenant Is Already a Success." He made several great points about the good that has already come from the Celebration as Baptists have started to work together more and explore how we can better come together for ministry, fellowship, and worship.

I am looking forward to the Celebration and will offer updates and thoughts as the meeting goes on next week. Please be in prayer for this important gathering.