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Celebration Bloggers

I am here at the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant and will be offering updates as I have a chance. Other Baptist bloggers are also here and will be posting in case you are unable to be here. Below are a few that I know of who will be offering their thoughts:

Aaron Weaver
Bruce Prescott
Ben Cole (whom I have met since being here)
Bruce Gourley
Don Byrd
John Pierce
Laura Seay
Tony Cartledge

I am sure each of them will offer great insights about this exciting and historic gathering. I will be adding links to many of their posts on the sidebar on this blog entitled "Worth Reading." The Missourian's Faith in Focus blog has a piece about the Celebration that includes part of an interview with me. I explained, "Baptists have been very divided. We've forgotten our purpose to love the world and we need to put aside our differences."

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