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Lunch with Gore

Today there was a luncheon at the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant with former vice president and recent Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore. He was introduced by Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics (who publish Ethics Daily). Parham gave Gore a plaque for being Ethics Daily's 'Baptist of the Year 2007' and gave him a green Bible. Gore talked for a little while before beginning his address on the climate crisis. He was extremely funny and energetic (not the image you might remember from the 2000 presidential campaign). His presentation was really interesting because it was not his usual one. Instead, he put together a new version for this meeting that offered religious themes and Scriptures. It made for a very powerful call for Christians to be involved in caring for creation, which is a message that is starting to be picked up by some evangelical Christians (including some conservative ones). You can watch his presentation here.

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