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More Celebration Articles

The historic and exciting Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant, which will take place later this week, is gaining more media attention. Here are a few of the newest articles:

The Baptist World Alliance issued a statement about the gathering, which has been organized under the auspices of a BWA regional body (the North American Baptist Fellowship). The piece noted, "BWA General Secretary Neville Callam will address a breakout session about how to relate to and be neighbors with persons of other faiths while holding firm to the belief in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ."

The Ledger-Enquirer had an article in which Mercer University's Bill Underwood explained, "Nothing like this has ever happened. ... Baptists from the North, the South, conservatives, progressives, moderates, white and black are all joining together to make something new in Baptist life. Baptists for too long have been characterized by separation and division in our history."

The Star-Telegram had two good articles. The first piece offered a summary of the various and diverse Baptist groups in North America. The second piece focused on the goals of the Celebration. In it, Baptist Fellowship moderator Harriet B. Harral said, "I am excited about this opportunity of Baptists from across the country to come together as one. ... It will be a time of jointly celebrating that which we hold in common -- a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. My hope is that we will find new ways to share the Gospel and new collaborations to open doors and opportunities."

The Washington Post had an article in which Wake Forest Divinity School dean Bill Leonard stated, "In the public eye ... Baptists only seem to be either denouncing somebody or fighting among themselves. ... And there is a new generation of Baptist ministers -- conservative and liberal -- who are tired of that."

The News & Observer had a good article about the gathering bringing Baptists together and putting forth a positive image.

The Augusta Chronicle had a good piece that focused on the unity goals of the Celebration. In it, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship director of communications Lance Wallace explained, "The over-arching theme is Unity in Christ; the idea is to join together to address key concepts and looking for ways to work together."

Finally, the New York Times had an article that deals with issues in Baptist life.

I am looking forward to the Celebration and will offer updates and thoughts as the meeting goes on next week. Please be in prayer for this important gathering.


  1. Brian,

    I'm relieved to hear that, even with Wake Forest's strong backing of the NBC (through Bill Leonard and James Dunn), Charles Kimball--the self-described pluralist on their faculty--apparently has no particular role. Otherwise, there'd be two objections on my part.

    No guilt-by-association theories on my part.


  2. Chuck: Glad you will not try a guilt-by-association attack since those are illogical and unethical.

  3. Thanks for your insights and links on the NBC. I look forward to reading your thoughts!


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