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Morning Speakers

Two speakers addressed the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant this morning.

Marian Wright Edelman, founder of Children's Defense Fund, spoke about the issue that has been the focus of her life--taking care of children, especially those whose families are poor or struggling. You can watch her speech here.

The other speaker this morning, preacher and author Tony Campolo, likely captured the title for best speaker for the whole Celebration (although it is a little early to say that for sure). I was really looking forward to Campolo since he was the best chapel speaker I ever heard at my undergraduate school, and he did not disappoint today. His speech was thought-provoking, funny, and inspirational. His delivery is strong and passionate. If you are not here and watch one speech online, I would likely recommend this one. You can watch it here. I am excited that I just got Campolo to sign a copy of his new book, Red Letter Christians, which I am looking forward to reading.


  1. Brian,

    Thanks for the updates along the way. I really do regret the fact that I couldn't accompany you all and be there. I, too, really like Campolo. I've read his book and should have sent you my copy to get it signed as well. I do have a signed copy of his book, "The Kingdom of God is a Party," which I used an illustration from in a recent sermon.

  2. Glad to help get out the word!


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