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Playing the Victim Card

A Christian leader recently inaccurately attacked the long running and successful NBC television show "Law & Order." Gary Cass, chairman and CEO of the so-called Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, critiqued last week's episode for supposedly defaming Christians. However, he must have forgotten to watch the full episode. Although Cass correctly noted that an officer in the episode referred to a Christian briefly suspected of attempted murder as a 'Bible thumper,' he apparently forgot to watch for the classic "Law & Order" twist. The Christian in question was quickly exonerated and the detectives tracked down the real culprit. The Christian angle was just one of several false leads, as occurs in many "Law & Order" episodes.

The fact that an officer made the 'Bible thumping' remark does not represent a case of anti-Christian bigotry on the part of Dick Wolf and NBC. Sadly, it probably accurately reflects the opinion that some cops and other non-Christians have and thus keeps the show realistic. The case against "Law & Order" especially falls apart when the Christian in the show turns out to not be the villain, which should result in an acquittal on the charges of Christian defamation. It is also important to recognize that in the show the Christian was given an opportunity to talk about his faith and temptation, which is a scene that Cass must have missed. The young Christian said that his anger that led him to make a death threat was because of the devil, and that he was working to overcome this temptation. He then quoted Romans 12:21 and one of the officers concluded, "so instead death threats you're out here doing good." That hardly sounds like anti-Christian prejudice!

The charges by Gary Cass against "Law & Order" are exaggerated and misleading, which hurts his credibility when dealing with actual problems of prejudice. It is time to stop whinning about nothing and trying to play the victim card. Sometimes silence is the best policy, especially instead of offering inaccurate attacks on others.

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