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Two Great Speeches

There were two great speeches tonight at the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant. First, William Shaw, president of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., gave an inspiring and rousing speech about our Christian calling to work for peace and justice. He made excellent points about going deeper in our efforts. For instance, he argued that we need to not just care about the life of a child before they are born but also after they are born. You can watch his speech here.

The second speech was from former president Jimmy Carter. He opened up his heart about his desire for Baptists to come together. In fact, he teared up when he mentioned that the Celebration was the most exciting religious event in his life. He also made it very clear that he wants all Baptists to join this and future efforts to work together and that he did not want any criticims of others. In essence, those claiming this would be an anti-SBC meeting will not find that to be the case (after all, there are Southern Baptists at the gathering). Using the writings of Paul, Carter decried anything or issue that takes away from the basic saving gospel of Christ. You can watch his speech here.

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