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Violent Prayer

A Colorado state congressman kicked a photographer during a prayer. Apparently, the congressman was praying and the photographer took a photo. The congressman then kicked the photographer's knee and said "don't do that again." The editor of the photographer's newspaper stated, "The House floor is a place where journalists are allowed to operate. It's outrageous for Mr. Bruce, in a public place, to assault a photographer." It is even more of an outrageous that it occurred during a time when the congressman was supposed to be focusing on the Prince of Peace. Even if the congressman did not like the action, there must be a more appropriate way to handle the situation--like talking to the photographer after the prayer.

Despite having assaulted a photographer, the congressman said he was going to report the photographer because the action was in "disgustingly bad taste." Really? What about kicking someone during a prayer? Is that not incredibly and disgustingly bad taste? If he was so upset about getting his photo taken while praying, perhaps he should get off his high horse and go pray in his closet like Jesus said. It is sad when a prayer becomes a tabloid story.

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